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Sand mining is a vibrant industry in the United States. A fair share of states hold a stake in the name of sand, and while most rules of the dunes are followed, profits find a way in the margins of the law.

Nestled between the sister-cities of Conway and Myrtle Beach, a sand mine opens for its annual operation.

An entry for Admiral Biscuit's 'Not-a-Contest'. Group here.

An audio reading by StraightToThePointStudio.
On Goodreads thanks to the work of Facedeer.
Featured 12-29-19.

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I live morning-to-morning, day-to-day, and evening-to-evening. But I've been doing some reading lately, and found there's more to my life than what's seen. I've always had my suspicions that something was off, but not for much longer.

Tonight is ripe for a long walk and flight around town.

Held together by inspiration from Swaybat's art.

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A great deal of Equestrians use the turn of phrase 'home is where the heart is.'

For some, it goes a little more like 'home is where the heart goes.'

And wherever it needs to be, it will get there, someway, somehow.

Coverart by the amazing Plainoasis.

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The winters are cold, and the autumns colder. In Western Equestria, the winds beat against the land.

And so too do the wings of the sun and its children.

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Under a dying light wrought of darkness, a lone soul remains unblinded.

And they foresee one final shift.

Cover art is the European Southern Observatory's KMOS Spectograph.

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Every heist needs a good getaway driver. Sometimes, you just have to work with what you've got. And other times, you just have to adapt to the job, especially when an extra pair of limbs are involved.

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Marked Cross hails from the edge of the Undiscovered West; an earth pony region named Halihoof. He's just received word that he'll be heading back to his homeland on the biggest mission of his career, and he's not too enthusiastic about it.

At least, not as enthusiastic as the mare who now owns his old home.

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The Southern Ridge was less of an icebreaker and more so a ship strengthened for icy waters. Oak planks and steel bands dissipated the worries presented by the ice floes that came to pass the sailship, allowing a calm, three-day journey from Haybinger Port to the nearest penguin settlement; the Ice Narrows.

Well, as calm as a Taur can get with a pony around.

Cover art by 8moments.

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