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Hi again. · 2:59am Oct 14th, 2014

Well I'm back after a long time. Almost two years or something like that. I've put up a one short and I'm writing a few stories in Fanfiction with the same username (Doublesims). I'm at University now and I'm injoying it. Anywho I hope you get to read my stories and don't forget to tell me what you thought. It could be a spelling mistake you noticed, or what you liked about the story or what you didn't like. Every little thing helps me

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oh wow · 9:35pm Apr 1st, 2013

okay been camping for Easter come back and.... found out i'm a gold account.
how? and why? where my first thoughts, followed but so cool.
Now it's what's the difference in the accounts?

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Sorry · 3:22am Mar 16th, 2013

I cancelled my Will'O'Wisp story for it wasn't going any where but i'm trying to write a new story that's a one short.

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Talking to myself · 8:16am Oct 23rd, 2012

I'm writing this so I can keep my mind on one thing my mind had been going back and forth like crazy one topic to the next I can't seem to focused on just Buck off blow fly one thing.
Exams are coming up so my mind is telling me to study but thing also tells me that my Art project is dew in a week and a half so I'm trying to finish that.

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I need some help · 7:36am Sep 26th, 2012

Okay first if some one is reading this then first WOW cool people actually like me and second I'm writing a new story it has no OC's and it about Spike having to go to Ponyvile school even if he had trouble with schools in Carterlot but i can't think of a title of the story so can I have some help. Thanks
Doublesims out

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My first blog · 8:02am Aug 21st, 2012

Hi if your reading this than Okay WOW. my first story is up and i just put the 5th chapter up. if you read it and find mistakes tell me for i'm Dyslexia and can't tell when i read over things my mind will change words to make it make scene, or i just put the wrong word down like to, too or two something like that. anywho if you put down comments i can learn from them so please if you can put down a comment for my story

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