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Tiran, a former pilot and Naval Officer, disgraced from service as a result of a failed mission that left him disfigured-the details of which he only knows and refuses to talk about-finds himself in a strange place after an expreiment gone horribly wrong that while unfamiliar to him, the inhabitants of which seem to find him eerily familiar. See what happens as he tries to survive in an environment he is almost completely unsuited for: the ground. Guided only by a quirky computer construct and an eccentric local, Tiran will try to come to terms with his shortcomings, his hidden temper and his past failures.

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Some say reality and the physical world are tied into a series of strings. That space and time are woven into an unbreachable fabric, a thick sheet that separates an unthinkable amount of worlds and realities. None of this is true, yet at the same time, it is. With a little influence and the right amount of force and energy, holes can be created, passages through which one may slip through. This isn't the only way, however. There are other ways. Naturally occurring tears and rifts that fit perfectly in the order of the universe.

The Battle of the Western Coast has been over for years now .Treaties have been signed and alliances formed, but the land has fallen into a restless peace. Trouble brews in Equestria. While most of the Lotkin tribes have settled on land granted to them by The Royal Sisters, renegade bands still roam the land, driven by some unknown force.

A fighting legend, a leader and the founder of Equestria's elite Royal Special Tasks Group has disappeared without a trace. His legacy is carried on by those he trusted most, running and expanding the unit he started, but can they continue without the experience and guidance he provided?

Another may have arrived to help. A man on a continuous search for his lost brother-in-arms stumbles onto the path his friend had previously walked, quite by accident. With luck, he may find what he was looking for.

This is a sequel to the first. If you don't read the first, you wont understand half of it.

OC Iron Defense created by: Shawn820

OC Howitzer created by: Cyber

OC Swift Paws created by: Danish Adonis

OC Blackjack created by: Reignbow

OC Redflare created by: Radical Prescott

OC Cray inspired from an idea by: It911

OC Kai Silverblade created by: Gale Force

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James Kaughn is a member of the world's most elite fighting force, but when his team is sent in to rescue a captive family in Afghanistan the mission hits a snag. He stays behind to allow the others to escape, fully expecting to die, but ends up in an unfamiliar place. Join him as he meets new challenges and struggles with his worsening PTSD. Will he be able to actually make friends and not just teammates?

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