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It was a normal day at Black Hat corporation. Flug was doing what he likes the most, experimenting, and was afraid the way black hat make them fast travel, sometimes with an reality pertubation, summoning demons, or even using himself as the method.
Deciding it was enough, he thought it could be a great way to be seen in a good way By his boss and even avoid most of black hat's rage moments or punishments somehow.

He ended up having an accident with the unfinished gadget/invention with dementia despite all the warnings and possible problems it may cause.

I thought about trying to write this since "the voice actor of Dementia is also pinkie pie's in spanish" and after finding out there wasn't a full fledged story...

1. It's my first try writing something any recommendation or idea can help.
2. Also may contain Minor Profanity due to the personality of one or two of the crossed character just in CASE.
3. Also some spanish in the prologue due to them being originally hispanics, this Isn't a spanish history or anything like that, maybe only in the beginning... But they also know english, once they find others they may stop.

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