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When a couple of ponies stumble across a massive deposit of crystals and gems beneath the Everfree Forest, something doesn't feel quite right. As much as Rarity wants to, Twilight insists they cannot just dig them up and put them on display. They need to be examined and studied just to make sure it's safe. So they both head home empty-hooved, much to Rarity's dismay.

But her mind keeps drifting back. A little visit couldn't hurt, right? She just wants to look, stare into their beauty. Their wonderful, magnificent beauty.

At some point, one crosses the line between curiosity and intrigue, and falls straight into obsession.

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1st place in the Transformation Horror Write-Off, 2013
Transformations Group
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Cover Art commissioned from Celerypony

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The meteors have already rained on Equestria, destroying the home the ponies once knew, starting with Canterlot itself. The Seethers, a wretched parasite hidden aboard the rocks like a stowaway plague, stripped the land of what the ash and fire could not. What paradise was there is no longer. There is now only the Black Lands of the old Equestria.

But that's all in the past. Years later, what ponies remain struggle to rebuild on the fringes of the world they once knew. Some try to take refuge in the wastelands the Seethers won't touch, while still others won't feel safe until they've gone as far as the lands of the other races of their world. A select few stand watch at the edge of the safe world, keeping stragglers at bay so other ponies may lead peaceful lives. These guardians call themselves the Equestrian Guard.

For the longest time, even the Guard had given up hope of ever seeing their old home again. From the safety of the desert mesas, they could see just how bleak the horizons were. But strange events are beginning to unfold; a new kind of alien falls from the sky, old faces thought long dead resurface from the rock, and an ancient power presents an ultimatum. The ponies may not realize it, but they do still have a chance to reclaim their home and save their planet. Their fate simply resides in the hands of a child, a pair of scouts, a changeling, and the old heroes of the dead world.

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When Pinkie Pie left home, she promised her parents she'd write home. A few years after the fact, she decides it'd be best to keep them informed of how she's doing.


Second Place in the EqD Nightmare Night 2012 Fanfic Competition

The Key is in the Subtleties

(Some pieces of subtlety may have been lost between Google Docs and here, but I don't dare touch this after what this version's accomplished.)

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EDIT: First and probably only ever, added Author's Notes to address the frequent "Were means man" issue. Please read them before commenting.

"Fluttershy gets bitten by a werewolf from the Everfree Forest, but when a side effect of the changes limits her inhibitions, she starts to wonder if the cure is such a good idea. Even if she does start to behave a little 'differently' otherwise..."

A one-shot story in the spirit and style of an episode of the show itself.


Cover image by ~Dragon-Fangx
(With one small edit to fit details of the story)

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Inspired by the song of the same name by the Silversun Pickups.

All she needs is a shoulder to cry on. A friend, to listen, to understand, to comfort her.
And that's what Derpy's getting, right?
Or is it?
Is it enough to act like a friend?

This is the true test of a good friend. Can Derpy do what she knows is right? Or will she succumb to her torn emotions?

What is the right thing to do?

Cover image by ~Stein225

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Azure is a simple mare, if not without her problems. After venturing away from home to try to fend for herself, she's now headed to check up on her younger sister Rose, if only for a place to stay. What she didn't account for was how antisocial her sister's become.

In her quest to show her little sister right from wrong, Azure will have to learn what it takes to make and keep good friends, as well as be one herself. Along the way, the new friends she makes help piece together various lessons of friendship.

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