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Discord and Chaos abound! He's my favorite character and I love to read peoples' different takes on his personality. Perhaps, one day, I may even try my own hand at writing ;D


The end of the hiatus is within sight · 3:25am Oct 21st, 2014

Wow. The first thing I want to say that I'm sorry for a whole year of absence. I've been really busy with things on my end from suddenly working at a zoo, to going to Tampa for a while, to dealing with relationship problems, and issues with school. The zoo thing came to an end and I came home from Tampa just fine but... it turns out that sometimes your significant other is not the person you thought they were. They can, in fact, be a lead weight without you realizing it until you move them

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and another author dissapears.....move along people nothing to see here.

I really hope you don't give up on Eris's Furor, please

I wish to see Eris's Furor updated please.

Comment posted by JasontheDemon deleted Oct 21st, 2014

1074258 I'M NOT DEAD YET! But yeah, I haven't even been on the site in a long while. I've been busy with some stuff as of late. Check out the blog post I'm about to write for the DL~

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