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    • E The Gift-Giver
      Celestia invites Twilight to a small mountain hamlet. Hoping to bond with her student and to reintroduce her to the joy of foal hood tales and fantasy.
      vazak · 29k words  ·  54  2 · 902 views
    • T Delicate Negotiations
      Celestia and the Saddle Arabian Amira discuss their relationship and something more blossoms.
      vazak · 9.2k words  ·  76  6 · 1.6k views
    • T From The Depths
      In a bid for the terrible power of the Flashstone Amulet, Corona has released an ancient evil & set it loose upon the capital of Cavallia & Princess Cadence is forced to defend her home alone against a power that toppled ancient empires &
      vazak · 13k words  ·  73  8 · 1.4k views
    • E Noblesse Oblige
      Written for the Lunaverse monthly writing event. Trixie has a rather rude awakening on what she expected to be a relaxing day off; it seems being a knight comes with some extra responsibilities she didn't expect.
      vazak · 6.4k words  ·  35  2 · 684 views