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I can't hear out of my ear · 3:51pm Oct 18th, 2012

I was in class to day hearing my teacher talk to me then out of no where the ear on my left side went out there no ringing sound or anything it just stop i'm scared guys i don't know what to do this has never happen to me before

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Need a bit of help · 9:05pm Oct 9th, 2012

does anyone know how to edit a story

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Story idea · 1:20pm Sep 14th, 2012

hey guys i'm going to make this short cause i got to leave for school soon. I'm thinking of doing a story with the main six in global agenda it been stuck in my head for sometime and i want to know if any of you think it's a good idea, i have all ready have pick out what the main six would be in this story. Twilight and Rarity are Robotics class Rainbow dash is recon class Pinkie pie and Applejack are assault class and fluttershy would be medic, any who if some of you don't know what global

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