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This is honestly the worst news I have ever heard in my life, and this is just recently, I'm not only preparing for a mission and today was getting pretty good... Last night about 12:30 I got a phonecall from my friend PariaH aka 'Ron' (just Ron) as he committed suicide, so I feel it is my solemn duty to tell you all, he is dead.

This is my eulogy for bros... Ron was born into a really terrible life, those of you who read his stories should know he wrote from personal experience, he never told me much about his life, but he did tell me it was terrible.
Friendship is magic hatred is power is taken from a night when he was attacked by a pimp on the streets, the passion of the scootaloo was when he was sold out to a gang, and it was raritys brithday was his own private revenge quest.
Boy this is really dragging on isn't it?
I'll make this quick, PariaH committed suicide on October 22nd 2012. He was a runaway, abused every single way a boy could be abused by his life on the streets, an accidental birth, writer and my friend.

Rest in piece, as you once put it, 'Diligo in contemo, vita in terminus' There is nothing for you down here, there is a home for you up there.
Rest In Peace, PariaH :fluttercry:

After my return, I will publish "It was Fluttershy's birth day"

YES! It is I Number o12! And I duz have exciting newz! But I forgot what it is, PariaH!!! BD

Storey meriting rites or what? Me and o12 has nothin'

My evil clone No. o12 will be assisting in writing directing and filming the dramatically dumb conclusion to it was rarity's bday. But we're both at a loss, should it merit its own story or what...?

Evrytime I get on this site I throw down some bangarang and drink zero calorie xxx

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