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Army Reserves and sickness · 12:12pm Jan 17th, 2015

Had to go out of town for some work stuff, mainly concerning the Reserves. I'm a Reservist so occasionally I have to put don writing and do real life stuff.... against my frigin will. Also my wife is bonkers sick and needed to see a specialist. DELAYS... new chapter should be going up round monday at the latest.

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College hates me · 7:11pm Dec 5th, 2012

Christmas is coming and my workload is winding down. I am not taking 22 credits in a single semester ever again. Every time I wanted to write in my fimfics I just lost any and all inspiration from the stress. Anyway, I will be posting my 3rd fic and working on each one individually as inspiration strikes.

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Gone missing · 5:16pm Aug 30th, 2012

I've been absent for a long time, and JUST after I started posting stories. Well, that's because I've started my sophomore year at college and it has consumed my free time. No worries, what few enjoy my work, albeit what little presides here. I will soon begin updating regularly. I even have a third story being prepped. I JUST NEED TO FIND THOSE PRECIOUS FREE MOMENTS!

Thank you for your patience.

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