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Mugen Kagemaru

A moderate MLP fan who initially only joined so he could post comments because Anonymous comments are off


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All I can do to help.

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"There are as many worlds as there are potentialities."

Did You Come Here To Comment?

Well hey, maybe your comment was going to be about my decision to Follow your story.

In which case, I'm sure you have BETTER things to do with your time.

As such, my comments module has been removed.

If you have something else to say to me that is NOT about my decision to Follow your story, then please PM me.

EDIT 05/20/2017
In the interest of explanations, I likely found something about your story interesting, or maybe it's because your story is an entry in a continuity I found interesting. And that is, at least for now, LITERALLY the most detailed explanation you're going to get.

Please don't bother me with questions about the writing, or the concept, or things like that.

Guten tag! Nennen mich Mugen!

Freude du alle zu treffen!

Just to clarify, this account only exists for commenting, so try not to expect any stories. Not that any I posted would be any good. My standards are just that high, not to mention I'm a bit of an unoriginal hack so the best I'd get is -

*sigh* Never mind.

I just believe if I'm gonna have an account, I should have some content to put up on it. That is why I got a YouTube account1 way back when (and more recently, a FanFiction.Net account), and I had been so engrained in the community that even though I had no videos to put up I still had comments and PMs and friends and other stuff. Commenting and PMing and all that can keep me around, but they aren't enough for me to actually sign up. Otherwise, I'd have a dA account by now. The only reason I made this one, since I have no FiM fics to put up, is because I couldn't stand being unable to make Anon comments PERIOD2 after Anon comments were turned off.3


Mugen Inexplicabilis Kagemaru

1 I used to be TheAzureKnighthood but now I'm TheEndlessWarlock because TAK developed screwy login issues.

2 I would've signed them, y'know!

3 No idea what did happen, and, to be honest, I'm kinda scared to ask.

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