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Discord is bored.
Side effect of being trapped in stone.
But, that does not mean he's powerless. Quite the contrary.
He often wanders around the universe, if only as a spectator.
Throughout his wanderings, he finds a war-embroiled world, where the Vasari and Ortalians clash for control of Liguria.

Of course, Discord cares not for the conflict. Like a curious magpie, he 'borrows' one of the Ortalian mechs and brings it to Equestria just because.
An accident of sorts occurs when he causes damage to the mech's delicate mainframe, rendering it stupid, to put it simply.
Now, a barely coherent machine of destruction is wandering about on Equestria, fully loaded for war...

Some of you may ask whether or not the Executioner brings about extensive collateral damage to Equestria.

But the real question is whether it can discover the magic of friendship.

Chapters (23)

!!!This story has spoilers regarding both Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light. Read at your own discretion!!!

Stay still.

That's what you do when an anomaly approaches you. You stay completely still and it won't touch you and float away.
So what do you do when a drunken asshole completely disregards your warning?

Chapters (13)

James Willoughby was a former British Army corporal, but now, he is a Chimeran Hybrid.
He thought he was alone, the only one to break free from the grasp of Angels.
He was wrong. He found others, former humans who joined him.

They fought in the Battle of London, aiding the British and American forces to penetrate the London Tower and destroy it, causing a chain reaction that destroyed every other tower in the British Isles.

Now, they wake up in a tranquil, serene land that has not seen conflict in many years.
Can they retain their humanity, or will they succumb to their darker, feral selves, sowing death and destruction upon the world's peaceful inhabitants?

Chapters (15)
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