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*Takes place a bit after Keep Calm and Flutter On*

After she had successfully reformed Discord, Fluttershy decides that he needs more friends to keep him better occupied, and also to make sure he stays good. Of course that friend would have to be as energetic as him, have at least a couple things in common as far as likes go, and be willing to take any and all craziness he's willing to dish out. Naturally, the first name to come to mind was Pinkie Pie.

At first, to Fluttershy, things seem to be going over quite smoothly. Pinkie Pie and Discord are getting along swimmingly; Pinkie Pie and Discord are at agreement's, and Pinkie Pie always seems to keep him in check, and best of all, all three form a strong friendship with each other.

However, before Fluttershy can go to any of her other friends about the good news, Fluttershy discovers a little secret between the two, that she now has to keep. That is, if she wants all of her friendships to stay afloat.

((Roughly based off of a continuing RP between myself and KiaraKovu123 as well as the cover image, which was the last panel of the beautiful DisPie comic drawn by rrred on DA... Seriously... Check her stuff out. It's simply gorgeous, darling!))

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Note: The Dark tag is only there "Just in Case". I'm pretty sure nothing goes quite THAT dark, I'm just being safe.

Discord has broken free of his stone prison and has taken over Equestria. Some have gone mad under his rule, while others are either mind wiped by him to love his world, or tremble in fear from it.

All except for the Element of Laughter... She instead throws a party with her new friends, absolutely having the time of their lives.

But darker things are underfoot in Discord rule... But really. Are we all that surprised?

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For the longest time all of the citizens of Equestria has ever known of their land was peace amongst its many kingdoms that has been ruled by the Princesses of the Sun and Moon. War was only ever mentioned very rarely, even amongst the citizens history books.

However within the joining legions of the Solar Empire and the New Lunar Republic, known as the Eclipsed state, holds a secret society made up of powerful soldiers only the princesses ,and only a few royal guards, know of. This where the story begins. When five young, extremely different girls have been sent the information that they are now to be a part of this army.

What they expect is merely just a letter of hire from the Princesses themselves. Not to become a secret solider in an unknown war with enemies they've never even heard of!

But is all of this truly bad when they all have made friends with not only each other, but also their squad leader? And also when they all discover that that friendship alone could be what saves their country... Multiple times.

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Weird dreams have been plaguing Pinkie Pie for a while now. And they're all showing her the same thing. Her and Discord. Together!! And after she confesses her dreams to her friends they all think Discord's behind it all. The only problem is that he's still a statue. So why are her dreams still coming?

Even worse, the more the dreams come the more in love Pinkie falls... Until she's gone deep and Discord's statue goes missing.

Who's behind all of this chaos if not the master of it himself? Followers? Or something worse?

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