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Coming this fall to a television set near you, TNT's new hit show! One filly, must defy the odds, and bore her colleagues to the brink of insanity! A show with mystery! Suspense! Drama! Comedy! Crime! Law and Order! Special guest appearance by Jeff Goldblum! (Not really) Written and created by the legendary Dick Wolf! (Also not really) Critically acclaimed by billions, it's been called, "The FiMFiction story we've been waiting for!" (<-Outright fabrication.) This fall! Only on TNT! They know drama!

Lawl. So I literally just woke up about a month ago and decided to write this monstrosity. Basically, what if the Mane Six had all pursued careers in law enforcement? (You know, because of all the crime Equestria has.) How would they have met then? If it's well received I have a few ideas for a couple more "episodes", but constructive criticism is welcome and appreciated. I sincerely hope you enjoy. =)

Warning: While I will not describe crime scenes explicitly, still... murdered ponies. Not for the faint of heart! Also I don't own TNT or their logo ... just ... just putting it out there ...

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What if Luna wasn't banished to the moon? What if she was there by choice? On vacation?

Just an idea that popped in my head one day. I banged this out in only three hours, so constructive crtiscism is welcome.

(Contains slight Molestia and Trollestia)
(Sexual themes are mentioned, but not explicitly described)

I sincerely hope you enjoy!

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A crossover between our Beloved MLP: FiM and the LEGO franchise Bionicle. I felt that I could match up the mane six to the six Toa well enough so why not make a crossover? I tried to match the ponies to their respective Toa based on personality; though a few changes had to be made to adequately pair up the six: for example Rainbow Dash and AppleJack have switched elements, and Pinkie Pie and FlutterShy have now switched races; with the former now being a pegasus and the latter conversely now being an earth pony. If I'm correct, that's how Lauren Faust's original character concepts were like anyways, so it sort of works out in it's own ironic way. =) The storyline and some of the text was ripped straight from the Bionicle children's chapter books: so if you're older than 10 and you feel that the chapters are too short or you don't quite enjoy or feel stimulated by them; then that's why. I've sense revised quite a bit in my own words so it's not quite as ... plagiarize-y? So hopefully that makes them a bit better.

Either way, I sincerely hope you enjoy!

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is property of Hasbro.
Bionicle is property of LEGO.
Please don't sue me! Socks are expensive!

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Submitted for your approval: when a mysterious stranger arrives in the dead of night; Twilight Sparkle finds herself oddly intrigued by the newcomer. Though as she uncovers more of what's on his mind; she finds herself becoming deeply entrapped in his dark past. The secrets she uncovers will not only change her view of him, but her views of Ponyville, Equestria, and her beloved princesses. A place of sight sound, and most importantly mind; This is, The Twilight Sparkle Zone...

This is my first written work, I do sincerely hope you enjoy it!

The Romance and Sad aspects come into play a bit later.

Also, a lot of this was written - or at least conceived of - before season 2 started; so don't expect everything to be precisely canon.

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