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Greetings! I am someone who exists on this website. I have been here for at least a year. I probably should catch up with my writing. I also have a discord server.

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Last minute entry for the New Blood Contest:

Going for the bonus:
4 "The main character’s name and identity is never mentioned."

A unicorn harbours a secret dream to fly like a pegasus.
Story is complete in terms of the contest. Whether I take it further post-contest is not decided.

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A batpony delivers a package.

Simply a writing exercise to practice writing with. Don't expect much to come out of this.

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Story was almost cancelled, but then I realised that I still wanted to keep writing just a little further.
Just some forewarning though. This story is not for everyone. It is a slow-burn slice-of-life which lacks much serious threat. There is no big villain, and the storyline progresses quite slowly and you may get bored.
I am still new-ish to writing, so the writing quality (especially surrounding characters and dialogue) may leave something to be desired.

A story about someone with limited knowledge of the show, (basic facts on a small scale, no timeline stuff) wakes up as an alicorn (early-teen) in Canterlot. He is not happy about this fact.

General info:
No, they do not have OP alicorn powers. Yes, they are sort-of a foal, but not of baby age and this will not affect their personality or emotional-capacity in any way.
Gender swapping? No, I asked in the comments, people want a male alicorn.
Will this impact my other story (Clouds)? Probably, depends on if people want me to continue it or not.

Tags will be updated with story.

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This is a potentially-one-off story about an alicorn disguised as an earth pony. Unfortunately, alicorn magic doesn't like to be suppressed and must be let out once in a while so it doesn't explode.

Join some unnamed alicorn OC pony as they burn off some excess energy while trying to avoid detection.

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A human is randomly teleported to Equestria and gets stuck in a cloud.

This is my first story to be published on this site and I have no idea where I'm going with it or whether I will end up continuing it. This is more of a warm-up story to practice and get me used to writing before.

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