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Sowwy · 9:31pm Dec 29th, 2011

Sorry about how long it took to write chapter 14. I took a little break c:

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Take my poem. · 5:39pm Dec 23rd, 2011

Take my poem and enjoy it.

There is a monster inside of me.

It wants to be free.

It wants to roam the outside of me.

It wants to murder me.

It wants my sadness to rule.

It wants my happiness to be gone.

I can feel it, squeezing me in it's deadly grasp.

Working it's claws down my very soul.

I try to keep the demon down.

But he constantly wants to rise.

That demon, you see, is me.

There are two parts of me, one that is good, the other bad.

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What I have discovered · 4:46pm Dec 23rd, 2011

The star system does not mean anything at all.

If I am able to touch one person with my story, my writing is all worth while.

So kids, rate it at whatever you want.

If you give it a low score, I will see it as a high score.

As I know I have still touched someones heart.

And also, a link!


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Loneliness · 4:29am Dec 23rd, 2011


Sometimes it feels like the world is out to hurt me.

Why are others allowed happiness, while I am left with sadness?

It seems like there is no one out there for me, no one for me to give my love.

I just sit at home, wondering why I am cursed as I am.

I am too shy to talk to girls, yet I used to be able to.

Now whenever I see women, I see monsters who are out to destroy my heart.

As that is the only thing that has been happening to me.

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Livestream · 1:57am Dec 23rd, 2011

Well, today a pony will read my fanficton live on a livestream.

I would love if you ponies would join me!

I don't know which fanfictions he will be reading 1st, but I would love to see you there anyway!

It will air at 8pm central time.


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Fan poem · 11:05pm Dec 22nd, 2011

Check out what a pony wrote about my fanfic!

Waking up in a new world.

Everything is looking normal, except it is not.
The feeling is off, something in the air.
A door knock and cheeks feeling hot.
Yellow of skin, pink of hair.

Bright world I see.
With a friend by my side.
Flap of wings, she looks so free.
Colorfull in person with a smile so wide.

Heart pounds for sparkling and shy.
Cheeks turning red.
Avoid their pain, have to lie.
Hugging, tears I shed.

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Chapter 13 · 10:19pm Dec 22nd, 2011

Oh applejack, you so silly.

Looks like we have yet another love interest.

I am trying to capture her character, but it is a lot harder than I thought.

Am I doing alright?

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Chapter 12 · 8:13pm Dec 22nd, 2011

Another one of my short chapters that I made short on purpose.

This chapter was to show the emotional side of lying, and how it will affect yourself, and the person you lied to. Or in my case, the pony.

And I am glad I got out of the house before Spike saw I made Twilight cry.

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Chapter 11 · 7:16am Dec 22nd, 2011

Oh chapter 11, you were fun to write.

I am introducing something new here.

If you are interested,after every chapter, I will be making a blog about it, so you can ask all your questions.

Now for this one-

I had a lot of fun writing it with my editor.

I just love the emotional trauma I am putting them through.

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Waking up in a new world fan art · 4:09am Dec 22nd, 2011

This is our first case of fan art!

Good job!

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