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Comment posted by sarah williams deleted February 26th

Yeah,i guess so......................
I wasnt trying to put a line in our relationship. i was just trying to know if i was your friend, i wasnt saying friends only *sigh*
I didnt mean to put you in a tough spot..Im so sorry:fluttercry::applecry:

I dont mind a relationship and am sorry if you thought I was mad at you:raritydespair:

Thanks btw i deleted my post because i figred other people didn't need to know

Its okay seriously
I know you weren't pushing me away
It must have hurt you a lot. since shes your childhoodfreind
I'v always been single so i dont really knoow how you feel but if you need someone to comfort you im always there
I dont feel uncomfortable at all i didn't really think that far. We can be friends..:pinkiesmile:

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