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When Lyra was a filly, she had an imaginary friend like so many other fillies her age. Lyra's friend wasn't a pony though, but a strange bipedal creature from a land called Earth.

Like other fillies, she eventually outgrows her friend and moves on with her life: making real friends and learning music.

Unlike other fillies however, Lyra's friend returns one day with stories of wars and magic in his lands that had kept him from visiting. Many fantasies of these strange humans return to Lyra when she learns that her friend might not be so imaginary. What will she do with this knowledge?

And how with all the other ponies who can't see this creature react to the changes in Lyra?

This story is inspired by this song: One of Us by Aviators and Lectro Dub Edit: Updated the link to the Aviators actual Youtube page.

Chapters (5)

Rainbow Dash crashes yet again and is grounded for a few weeks. During this time, she picks up the guitar and starts learning to play, when she has a great idea.

Form a band with her friends! But what type of music should they play, and who will take what instruments?

Chapters (4)

Discord's magic goes crazy as he is turned to stone. Following this a new pegasus shows up in Ponyville with no past, no cutie mark, and no knowledge of flight, but a pure heart. How do the mane 6 handle this new pony, and how does he deal with this world he is in?

Cover Art was painted by a friend of mine here!
Check her work out, she is awesome.

Chapters (18)
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