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Nightshade and Spitfire have been best friends since they were fillies but when they both choose opposite paths in their lives, will their friendship survive? Or will they become bitter rivals? This is a story of two bolts.

Cover image done by: Me, Stepany1234.

Check out the PMV vid inspired by this fimfic! : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydKRg_Ehryk

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Never had seen the show My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic, she has no clue what this talking creature named Silver Spoon is or where she came from.

When I thought I saved a cat from getting ran over, it turned out to be a...talking pony? My parents told me to be perpared for the big apple but...A talking baby pony?!

Inspired by My Little Dashie by Robcakeran53. No matter what I write, it will never be as good as the beautiful master piece written by Mr. Robcakeran53. So consider this story a tribute to the fanfic, My Little Dashie.

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Daring Do visits an island that has been known for its gems and myths. When those terrifying myths comes true, Daring Do finds herself having to save the day once again.

Yes, it involves zombie ponies but I gurantee you this wasn't written or intended to be a Dark fic.

Chapters (6)
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