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List of Upcoming Stories

Blossomforth's Field Trip: A story with multiple chapters, starring Blossomforth and Cloud Kicker in middle school, with help from Chengar Qordath, the author of "The Life and Times of a Winning Pony"!

Princess Luna Kidnaps a Kingdom: A story with multiple chapters, starring Luna, Celestia and the Mane 6. You think the Nightmare Moon stunt was daring? Wait until you see what a mischievous Princess Luna with a bit of a grudge against her sister cooks up! Chapter 1 is up!

HasbrOC TV: A story with multiple chapters. Twinkleshine has always dreamed of being a star, and assumes that other ponies have too. Hoping to gain some screentime on Equestria's PTV, she starts a TV show about HasbrOCs who haven't appeared on FiM.

Twi, Twi Again: A one-shot. Twilight Sparkle’s cloning experiment goes horribly wrong. When testing out a new cloning machine, a good tip is to never use yourself as a test subject. If you’re the genius who thought up and made the machine, that goes double. Watch out, or you’ll find yourself going double, triple, quadruple. Twilight Sparkle, are you even listening? Wait, you’re not Twilight!

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Thank you for asking! However, as much as I'd like to, school just began for me and I'm super busy. Sorry!

Now, this might seem crazy and out of left field, but would you like to preread my further stories?


Hmm... I'm going with B. Hope that helps!

Hey, I wanted to ask you about my upcoming writing. After my current fic, I have two projects, a direct sequel to "A Day in the Limelight" and a long series. Should I A)Do the sequel then do the series. Doing this would mean the sequel would come out the fastest, but the series the slowest. B)Do the sequel and the series at the same time. This would probably give me about equal update time on both, and it would help those periods when I want a break from what I just finished writing a chapter of. C) I write the sequel, while writing the series but not publishing it. That way when I'm done I'm about a chapter ahead the entire time I'm writing it, giving me a buffer. Your thoughts?

'Ello there. Thanks for the comment:raritywink:

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