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Done. · 11:37pm Oct 18th, 2014

I remember when I used to enjoy this.

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Misunderstandings Changelog · 1:25am Sep 19th, 2014

This is a running list of changes made to Misunderstandings.

Chapter 5, On the Road To... Somewhere: Slight changes to Farris Wheel's dialogue to better match his personality later in the story; minor word and punctuation changes

Chapter 6, New Exhibits: Corrected description of Sveti to match portrayal later in story

Chapter 7, Loosed: Minor punctuation change

Chapter 10, Making Progress: Minor word change to avoid repetition

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FYI · 4:11am Aug 28th, 2014

At some point there will be a low-scale rewrite of sections of Misunderstandings.

Please take note: I am not changing the major event in When A Door Closes. I was much more unhappy with its execution than with its substance, and while many readers have called it "abrupt", it feels more realistic and thematically correct to me than any other scenario.

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How to screw up a story without even trying! · 12:17am Jul 17th, 2014

Base a large part of the finale on a single plot point... and then forget to put the plot point in the story.

I'm taking a break. Maybe a long break, maybe a permanent one. However long it takes for me to be able to look at this pile of shit without bad thoughts crossing my mind.

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Mea culpa · 9:28pm Jul 3rd, 2014

I won't mince words. The chapter that I posted yesterday is garbage. It was garbage when I wrote it, it was garbage when I edited it, and it was garbage when I published it. I should have left it to sit until I could figure out something better, even if it meant never finishing the story.

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Clearing some things up. · 5:58am Feb 14th, 2014

Okay, so my last blog post wasn't clear about some things. I'll sort them out.

- I'm not planning on leaving the site as soon as Misunderstandings is done. (I can't make any promises, though. I've already stopped watching the show, and a lot of the stories I follow here just aren't updating anymore. It's a slow, gradual drift, I guess.) It will, however, be the last story I write.

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The "why". · 6:17am Dec 3rd, 2013

I hit my thirty-eighth birthday last month.

I started writing on a regular basis when I was about fourteen. I still have most of the notepads I used, full of words scribbled in pencil, though you could call them "stories" only due to the fact that the words made sentences and described things. But I pushed on, building a collection of books and scouring them, hoping to learn the secrets of the better writers and use them to make my writing good enough to create a publishable book.

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Notice. · 10:39pm Nov 29th, 2013

My profile and blog haven't been glitched or hacked- I deleted them. I'm also no longer responding to comments on my stories.

EDIT: No, I'm not deleting my stories. But once Misunderstandings is done, so am I.

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