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Hello, Sirius Shenanigans here! I am a martial artist with a hankering for humor. My primary intention is to create stories with original characters. MLP characters are great, but they aren't mine...

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Fallen from the sky, a young enclave soldier finds himself inexplicably in a bed across from a beautiful pair of eyes. Those eyes were attached to a mare's head, and that head wasn't attached to a whole heck of a lot else...

Join Tailwind and the head of Silky Hooves, in the oddest of Odysseys, on a journey to become whole again, to piece together a trail of broken memories, and find the place they truly belong.

On the trail back home, he starts to wonder... could a wing clipped pegasus even make it back? Would he even want to?

Enjoy this 5000 word epic in miniature, guaranteed to emulate a short, insufferably long foe story in 1/100th of the word count, or your money back. Here is the amazing entry of the FOE Emporium's writing contest that won ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, which coincidentally is going to be the number of things you will regret after reading this infinitesimal piece of FOE horse fiction.

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Look at that castle... It's a nice castle, right? You'd like to live there wouldn't you? You innocent soul...

When a magic castle pops up in the middle of private property, it spells nothing but trouble. Ponies sue over damages to property values, the plumbing infrastructure is non-existent, and the insurance rate for a disaster magnet town like Ponyville is through the roof, without even considering it being made of crystals. It's a total nightmare and it all costs money.

Twilight found herself face-to-face with such a curse. While she has managed for such a long time, she has discovered her castle is infested with the worst possible thing of all. Friends. Gathering for a summit, Twilight is about to lay down the love and tolerance down on her friends. Shenanigans ensue.

Art is by Magister39

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Being princess is hard. Everypony wants a piece of Celestia, but Celestia just wants a piece of cake. After a particularly exhausting day, Celestia tries to do just that... but she is interrupted by yet another powerful villain from one thousand years ago. Unfortunately for that villain, this cake is REALLY good.

art by Magister39

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