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Im just a new brony who accidentally stumbled upon Fimfic and decided that i needed to join up in order to keep track of all the amazing stories on here ^_^

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Earth is under attack by a malevolent alien empire that conquers and enslaves everything it can in order to get valuable resources to keep itself sustained. But like the Ancient Romans, this empire shall now run into a people it cannot conquer easily, and to boost our chances, the God of chaos himself Discord has taken an interest in helping us win so the empire can be thrown into chaos. To accomplish this he causes a series of events that will send several ponies to our world to help us slightly as well as using what little powers he has to tip the scales of fate in our favor.

((This is a story ive been working on for a while now, since before I joined fimfiction and I wanted to try my hand at writing, leave alike and review if you want and I hope you enjoy, and yes I did put in my OC in the story but the story was here before him and I need to put him in something and I thought he would fit well. I also tried using characters that were not the Mane 6 so it could be abit new and fresh, if you spot any mistakes please comment and if you have any other comments or questions please post them, and have fun reading.

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