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I started writing fanfics over a year ago, starting with Gummy's Sleepover. The first version of it was crap. Not even going to sugar coat it: it was garbage. I was pretty much told never to write again.

But I wrote again, and this time I wrote it better, longer, and with more depth. It still wasn't good enough for some people, but it was perfect for me. Spelling errors not withstanding.

I continued to write, coming up with story after story and eventually working on a collaborative story, Everything is Fine, with my friend Books. Books has since left the project, but I will continue it to completion if possible.


Game development update and a blog about Everything is Fine · 2:52pm Dec 20th, 2016

Hello everyone reading this! My game development social media accounts are in full swing, and you can keep up with us via:

Our official website
Our Twitter
Our Facebook
Our Medium account

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I hope Doll:Maker is continued

Neat, keep me posted. I love fanart.

I feel like doing a comic on one of your stories. I'm probably not doing it anytime soon though.

- The fucking sexualizer.
Pander of Silicone and Lube accessories.

1071756 I honestly couldn't believe it either.

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