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New Chappa is OOOP! · 1:08pm Nov 4th, 2012

And we've got a cover art entry, too! Go check it out!

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Next chapter this weekend! · 4:16am Nov 1st, 2012

Will get started on it tomorrow and by Sat it should be being edited.

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Rain! · 3:12am Oct 30th, 2012

Fucking Vermont, man! We've got rain!

Also, we have rain. Did I mention?

Sweet Celestia, why do we have so much rain.

I blame you, Ditzy/Derpy, for this. Because we have SO MUCH RAIN.

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Update This Weekend! · 2:58am Oct 25th, 2012

I have presently finished the first draft of the next chapter.

Tomorrow I will be editing it and spicing it up a little.

Friday it will be going to my editor.

And sometime this weekend, it's going up! Along with the rules for the cover art competiton.


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Sunday Was A Lie! · 7:32pm Oct 19th, 2012

My editor worked quicker than expected.

So, who thinks a fanart contest would be a good idea? For a cover image - say, twilight with a monocle in
a supervillian pose?

I could put a big old honking link to the winner and runner up in the story as a thank you.

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Chpt3 Will be up Sunday! · 2:20am Oct 19th, 2012

Howdy ya'll!

Just letting you know that I'll be finishing my editing of chapter three and getting it off to
my editor tomorrow evening. I plan to upload the non-typo-ridden version on Sunday.

I've come to a few decisions with this story. I think 1-2 chapters a week is a decent goal
and i'm going to tell the story in the length it ends up getting told in - which is to say,
it won't be eternal but it could be a while.

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HGM's Now More Good! · 1:45am Oct 18th, 2012

RTStevens has worked on the mass of typos, editing has been done, and a second chapter has been chapped!

I'd like to thank everyone for the editing help, too, and apologize for some that despaired at the existence of this fic.
As with my story Your Best Shot, this was a doodle series that I expected about three or four people to read. And then
it got 900 views and fifty comments in eight hours.

So, I wasn't really ready for this. But now, we're cookin' with gas and goin' full tilt.

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Response to History's Greatest Monster is Huge! · 11:16pm Oct 17th, 2012

Seriously, how did this get so popular so fast? It's gotten more favorites, watches, and hits in a day that
most my stories - aw, geeze, five new notifications? - do in a year!

Did this story get shared on a group or something?

Also, second chapter is being edited as we speak.

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New Story! · 1:56am Oct 16th, 2012

Lets Get This Failure Rolling!

New story is now up - Twilight Sparkle: Histories Greatest Monster!

Hope to update it now and then for a while, as my 'goofing off in the evening' thing.

Give it a read!

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Same as Ever · 1:54am Oct 14th, 2012

Guys, Im sorry. I just can't write any more of Your Best Shot.

It started as a doodle. And then, well, it got out of hand. I just don't want to write it, and thats
what drove me out of here. It's like when you really have to clean your room, so you don't.

I'm just going to call it "essentially done". Someday, maybe, I'll finish it. But I'm sorry, I
just can't right now.

I wanna write for fun again, and it just wasn't fun to write anymore.

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