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This Is NOT a self insert.

What happens when 5 Bronies come together to write one fanfiction? This monstrosity.
(There aren't enough tags for all the characters we might, or might not use. Don't judge us.)
Also it isn't our fault if this fic gives you Diabetes, Lou Gerick's Disease, AID's, Cancer, Terminal Australian Voice Disease, or Swag Fag Condition. So in short. You will die.

Please disregard the sad/tragic post in struggling authors, for it was a misclick.

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Where the death of stories begins.
AKA: Scrap Files
This story is in no way canon. Even to it's self.
WARNING: This story is not for the faint of heart, extra serious type, or a person who gives a shit about grammar. So don't be a dink and be butthurt when none of this makes sense.

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After Twilight randomly attacks Canterlot the place is in shambles. Her friends, Celestia, Luna and Discord must find her and bring her back. But not all is as it seems. Times are changing, and the brittle fa├žade of peace in Equestria is wavering.

Continuation to Equestria Needs Saviors. You should probably read that to figure out what is going on thus far.

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The Elements are the greatest power in all of Equestria right? But with no combat experience. The mane 6 realised after the royal wedding that this not a good thing. Sure they were able to take out a few Changeleing minions, but what if there is a greater threat ready to take over Equestria and the Elements arent available?

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