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Lulamoon Crystal

Hello! I’d love to have comments on my story, I appreciate them! It shows me support and keeps me motivated. We are welcome to be friends too, and if you follow me then I’ll follow you back!

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  • 6 days

    I had enough of MLP...

    I hate to say this too, and so close to the start date: I have to cancel my Jinglemas request, if a moderator sees this, I’m sorry, I didn’t know things would end this way.

    As for my stories: I’m not sure what would happen, I was so excited and still for Dark Diamonds, I may return in the future for it so please just assume it’s on hiatus.

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  • 1 week
    I had a really bad day...

    Okay, this all happened today but on another site

    I created some- er- images on that site for my profile picture there (Hey, maybe I can use them her- wait, that’s a bad idea)

    So I went into a chat group and asked for advice, I didn’t include a link so I included a link but this :pinkiesick: decided that I wasn’t being patient, I told them they misunderstood my reply to the chat and it turned into an argument, apparently I was in the wrong for correcting them...

    This made me-

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That's a pretty name. Nice to meet you Crystal.

Um... I don’t really share my real name but...

Crystal is okay

My name is Wrex. What's your?

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