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Just a random bunch of random I had in mind

Jazz’s ears escaped her head again. She hates it when this happens. Well, guess she’ll just need to look for them... again

Takes place a while before “Make Your Mark”

[Chapters 2 and 3 are currently unavailable. They are being remade/heavily edited]

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One morning in Pipp’s salon, Mane Melody, a body was discovered. Thank goodness for Zipp and her detective skills. She has decided it’s up to her to find out the culprit.

This will be the darkest mystery she ever dealt with but...

She’s not gonna give up!

The story from start to end, has been prewritten and split into chapters before being published. Minor changes will happen to later chapters before they are published, however.

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Izzy shows something to Pipp and her Mane Melody co-worker, Jazz

Innocent right? Well, all three ponies must embark on an adventure. Facing mysterious and mystical calamity in the hope of finding their way home.

Making friends and forming enemies along the way the three dive into the adventure ahead. Not only is it the destination that matters. It’s also the journey.

Inspired by (or based on) Disney’s Amphibia. But only with minor things like the box, the gems, maybe the powers and a few scenes will be similar to ones in the show. But I’ll make sure the plot isn’t too similar. No characters from there will be appearing, neither does it take place in the same world or have any relation.

Author notes:
Due to G5 still growing, and some used characters not having much screen time. Characters may end up being OOC. Writing was started early September 2022

Also, this was based on a roleplay I did with a friend. We mostly only focused on one character‘s journey (Like how Amphibia mostly focused on one at the beginning) but I’ll try to give focus to the other characters too in this fic.

The Roleplay was started in August 2022

Ponies will use their tails more and have their manes root from their necks like real life ponies in this fic

Reason why I’m using a side-character: Super Fixated-

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Zipp is not okay! She is in the hospital, injured due to an incident. Pipp, is fine, totally dealing with this just fine! ... or is she?

Sorry for the grammar errors and unfinished/rushed looking story. Due to personal issues I wasn’t able to complete it but didn’t want it to go to waste.

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What if Trixie hated her job? What if being a magician wasn’t great at all? Why did Trixie’s cutiemark have to be what it is?

Based on existing episodes but Trixie has the opposite views on herself as a magician.

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Sunny’s birthday was coming and she was going to have a sleepover with her friends! But fate had other plans as what happened next was sure to change her life, for a very long time.

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This story is a sequel to Izzy’s “What The Heck?” Day

(Reading the prequel isn’t necessary to enjoy this story,)

Izzy’s tail starts to twitch, luckily Sunny know’s why. But unfortunately this happened today, this won’t be a fun day for our favourite pumpkin coloured earth pony

(Loosely based on “Feeling Pinkie Keen” from Season 1 of Friendship is Magic)

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It was a normal day in Maretine Bay but adding Izzy can make things a blast! But what if you add some chaos alongside her?

Basically just some random nonsense made into a story

Maybe not funny

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One day Izzy comes over with a surprise, not necessarily a good one. Now a certain earth pony mare has to deal with a creature that’s known for spitting. Can she do it?

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When potato meet pony potato and then the potatoes stop potato-img so potatoes must potato again

(Don’t take this seriously, I had some randomness on my mind S. Decided to turn it into a story)

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