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Give Me Wings to Fly chapter incoming!!! · 7:43am Jan 28th, 2014

Well, after 5 months of self confusion and writing for other projects, I have found the inner goodness to write a new Give Me Wings to Fly chapter! Rainbow Dash herself came to my house and proceeded to beat the crap out of me until I sat down and wrote it! So, at the risk of being pummeled again, I will edit it tonight, and post it by noon!

I'm so sorry everyone for the hiatus!!!

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MacDash Fic collaboration! · 11:54pm Jan 12th, 2014

Hello all,

Several authors and I will be participating in a collaboration fic about the wedding of Big Macintosh and Rainbow Dash! Each author will be writing a different chapter without previously knowing what the author before them will write! So it should have some very strange and entertaining twists. Authors are as follow:

Captain Unstoppable
Jake The Army Guy

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