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Relatively new to the fanfic game. I have a few stories in the works that I'll be updating as regularly as possible. On a completely separate yet completely necessary note, LUNA IS BEST PONY!

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When Ponyville has a sudden string of disappearances Twilight Sparkle took it upon herself to investigate the matter. The following are excerpts from the journal of Ms. Twilight Sparkle. Submitted to the Canterlot Ministry of Justice on April 16th, 0:00 hours. The recorded events take place between February 13th and April 15th of the year 2013.

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A new evil has risen in the wake of destruction caused by Princess Celestia Dr. Professor General Dread. Seeking to take over Equestria once more, a certain Queen finds herself facing off against an adversary unlike any other. The Puff is back and fluffier than ever.

Note: If you haven't ready the first one you probably should. It's not terribly long, but context is always nice.
Fluffle Puff, Defender of the Universe (First Story)

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Equestria's greatest villain, Dr. Professor General Dread, is threatening to destroy all life as we know it. The universe itself is in dire peril, but is he prepared to face The Puff?...

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Princess Celestia has spent her whole life within Canterlot, being taught how to be a "proper" mare so she can rule the nation with both power and grace. Fed up with being a princess, she yearns to see the outside world. Leaving her royal lineage behind her with hopes held high and a saddlebag full of goodies, join Celestia as she travels Equestria and beyond to find her place in the world.

A/N: Prepare thy insulin, this could get adorable.

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This short story was written in memory of Oscar Mulrooney-Côté, otherwise known as Dark-Castle, who took his own life on March 8th, 2012. I know it's not much, but I felt it still needed to be done. May he never be forgotten. R.I.P Dark-Castle, and Happy Birthday.


Well that's awkward...Oh well! I wrote it so here ya go!

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Chase is an everyday guy simply living out his days. Until one night he receives a visit from a creature calling himself Discord in a dream. Told he will aid him in spreading chaos throughout the world, Chase passes it off as just another strange dream.

That same day, Chase is brought into the world of Equestria by the strange creature. What adventures await the young man as he looks for a way back home?

Note: Any questions, comments or concerns? Comment below or message me and I'll try to address them.

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Taking place 15 years before the events of Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core, a group of 5 ordinary ponies are transformed into the prototype super-soldiers in an elite military force known as SOLDIER against their will. Now they must fight for Shinra in order to save themselves.

In their travels, unexpected occurrences take place. Forever changing not only their lives, but the very world itself.

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