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this is my personal, fanfic accounti really hope you guys would like my fanfics


update/sad news · 8:59am August 14th

I'm sorry that chapter 5 of my life in a new world will be on hiatus at this moment, I lost my mood to write because of recent events.
on the sixth of this month my best friend passed away from a car roll-over and the worse thing that, me and my father in law came across him and there was nothing we can do to save him. my heart goes out for your family mate. I miss you, were a brother to me, fly high my friend, may piece be with you.

RIP Brady prowl :fluttercry:

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Thanks for adding The Elements in Harmony to your favorites.
I know I suggested it based on What I've Become but what do you like/dislike about my story?

:derpyderp1: Thanks. Fair warning, I don't post updates to my YouTube on my Fimfiction. Mostly I use Fimfiction for writing and reading.
In case you're interested, I did base one of my stories (in part) off of What I've Become.

TThe Elements in Harmony
These four heroes must stop the evil. It’s kind of a given. Only problem is, the first is half blind and as heavy as a rock, the second can’t touch anything, the third is also blind and can’t touch the ground, and the fourth can barely exist.
No One and Nobody · 71k words  ·  69  5 · 2k views

While I intend to do a reading of it at some point, that's going to be a ways out.

your YouTube channel

Thanks for the follow. What caught your attention?

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