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Life, Stories, Updates. · 4:58am Oct 23rd, 2016

Wow, been a while since I've done really anything on here.

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Reguarding Scootaloo's Not So Cool Cutie Mark and Cutie Mark Crisis · 2:09am Oct 29th, 2015

WARNING: Contains Mild Spoilers to Crusaders of the Lost Mark

This blog post mainly is going to address Scootaloo's (Not so Cool) Cutie Mark. But it applies to Cutie Mark Crisis as well.

As you all know Scootaloo's (Not so Cool) Cutie Mark takes place in the same universe as Sisterly Bonds: The Rewrite and I would like to stress that what I say about not so cool cutie mark applies to that universe as well.

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114 Followers! 14 followers late for me noticing this! Thank you all! · 6:40am Aug 25th, 2015

I just noticed I have 100+ followers, Thank you to all of you who have stuck around and dealt with my bullshit! Lol.

But seriously thanks! It means a lot that 114 people chose to click the follow button. I don't really have anything special for this occasion (Because I never thought it would happen.) Nor do I know how long I've had 100 followers, but yeah, I'll have something for 150 or 200 or something.

But seriously thank you all for following me! :twilightsmile:

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Here's My Revised Itinerary for 2015 · 5:39am Jul 6th, 2015

Okay everyone, I've revised my Itinerary for 2015 on how my stories are going to go, my priorities, what stories are getting cancelled, what stories are going on hiatus, and what ones are getting finished. I've tagged the original Sisterly Bonds here as that's the story that's going to be most affected by these changes.

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New Story Idea · 3:46am May 8th, 2015

I recently read the synopsis for a novel and it sparked an idea in my head. Granted I've never read this novel and I don't plan to as I want my story to follow the basic arc but be significantly different. For now I want to work solely on this idea while its fresh in my mind.

*SPOILERS* This is the story that I read the synopsis of
Flowers for Algernon

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More encouraged to write. · 11:22am Mar 28th, 2015

For a long time now I had been thinking my writing had gotten worse since I stopped writing every day. . .

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Sisterly Bonds Rewrite *SPOILERS* · 7:58am Feb 13th, 2015

As if you thought I was actually going to give you real spoilers? Well I am but not how you think.

I know how I'm going to end the story, probably two or three chapters here, and it's going to get intense. You thought it was intense before? Well think again. Stuff is about to hit the fan for Scoots and Dash. So grab your popcorn, and hope somehow I finish writing this story soon. Lol.

I'm still trying to finish this. And I will finish it this year. That's my promise to you Fimfic.

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Inspiration · 6:00am Aug 29th, 2014

I've had inspiration regarding the rewrite of bonds. I've not tried to write said inspiration yet, but here's hoping it'll go well. Just thought I'd let you all know that I am indeed working on it actively now again after so long. That's about it because I'm not going to give any spoilers.

To those of your who are curious though I can say this, read the chapter titles. Lol.

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About the rewrite of bonds. · 12:08pm Aug 15th, 2014

So I'm going to try to actively start writing this again. While I've been trying to for the past while, it's just not worked because it's been a half hearted effort, I am not promising anything here but I am going to try to finish the story. I don't know when the next chapter will be up, keep in mind the last time I actually wrote on this story was in December of 2012, it might be drastically different or it might be identical in style. I honestly don't know. So I just figured I'd let everyone

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Psst · 7:30pm Jul 22nd, 2014

For people who are artists and have too much free time and are willing to help someone with a project, look here, psst.


totally not trying to recruit artists for Midnight, nope, not at all.

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