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Diabolus Foalt

Heyo. I'm the alt of a writer you may know. I write super weird shit here. Ratings off because Celestia forbid any of this gets featured. This account will only post, not follow or rate.

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i can see more stuff happening with both of your stories but they are good still

Aw, thanks! I appreciate you too, dear reader :D

I just wanted to say, I appreciate hypno and I appreciate you :)

Initially it will be since these stories (and art) are the result of hypnosis stuff between me and an artist who liked that. I still have a story or two backlogged along those lines, in fact. But after that it'll be a mix of other stuff.

So I guess tl;dr "not always hypno, but follow later perhaps since the next 2-3 will likely still be hypno".

  • Viewing 6 - 10 of 10
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