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Mario & Luigi's journey has been the ride from their adventures. From the BeanBean Kingdom to stop an evil witch, going back in time to help their Baby counterparts to stop the Shroob invasion, being inside of Bowser to stop a bean whose Fury with his Buff Pig buddy to conquer both kingdoms with the Dark Star, exploring the realms of the Dream World to save the Pi'illo Kingdom, and teaming up with a thin 'Mario' from his world filled with Paper to stop Bowser with another Bowser from the Paper World.

Thanks to a magical yet rainbow Warp Pipe, Mario & Luigi has entered the world of Equestria, meeting 6 ponies and a baby dragon to explore the world of Equestria/Ponyvile and the meaning of Friendship. Meanwhile, Bowser learns that Mario and Green Stache have entered a world filled with Ponies thanks to Grogar (who has arrived at Bowser's Castle), making a partnership to take both worlds over. This... is... an Equestia adventure with magic!

Story takes place after the events of Paper Jam and after MLP Season 8.

NOTE: I have permission from BoredRabbit to use the Cover Art for this story. While he has made the Cover art for his cousin, I have permission to write the story as he did state that anyone can write fanfic of his "Mario & Luigi cover art crossovers" as long you have permission from him.

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NOTE: This story was originally made by Pixeltron128, but since the fanfic is deleted and forgotten and the author has been inactive since 2018, I will continue this story in respect of the fanfic crossover between MLP and LittleBigPlanet and the author.

After he stopped the evil plan of a greedy collector, saved the omniverse from a giant vacuum cleaner, wins go-kart races against hoarders and many other endless adventures, Sackboy goes to Equestria, via a wormhole, in the hope to found a magical artifact powerful enough to stop an evil television, named Lord Dark Screen, and his three robotic minions from destroying the cosmic Imagisphere and Equestria. During his walk in the Everfree Forest, he rescued a certain shy Pegasus from an ice-breathing dragon. Now, Sackboy is following her everywhere she goes, causing madness or harmony with his popit, the most powerful creation magic of the universe.

How long will Fluttershy hide her living brown knit creature from her friends? And will she help the little Sack to stop that evilish TV from destroying both worlds?

Will Sackboy found what he needs to save his home-world?

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After Mad Rabbid discovers the Submarine underground, he and the Rabbids decide to go for a wacky/quirky adventure around the Global to search for the Pretzel Island while getting the rest of the Rabbids, until a Portal opens. Thus, the Rabbids enters a different world, where instead of Humans from Earth, they've entered a world with Ponies and other species in Equestria.

As the Main 6 were having their daily basis along with other ponies, a group of Rabbids decides to go haywire around Ponyvile. Will Twilight understands the Rabbids' stupidity and their origins, will Fluttershy calm the Rabbids down to be tameable, will Applejack stop them from grabbing her apples? Who knows what the Rabbids can do with their ravingness.

A crossover between MLP: FiM and Ubisoft's Rabbids.

Takes place at the end of Season 3 and during the events of Season 4 of Rabbids Invasion, and takes place at the end of MLP Season 8.

MLP is owned by Hasbro
Rabbids is owned by Ubisoft

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An ancient evil from the Imagisphere called the Negativitron strikes Equestria and Craftworld as he threatens to destroy both universes. It's up to the Mane 6 and Sackboy to team up to stop the Negativitron from bringing Negativity in both universes but with the help of the Alliance!

A crossover between MLP and LittleBigPlanet 2.

MLP is owned by Hasbro

LittleBigPlanet is owned by Sony.

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