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Person of Stone

The Beauty Box

Albeit one may believe this square to contain within multiple propositions towards the betterment of one's own beauty, outer or otherwise, it is my rather substantial misfortune that I must inform you that the true nature of this, in any other way, useless rectangle is that of selfish desires; yes, I am under the impression that my informational home on this site would be to remain forever ugly without the addition of a single 4-sided shape.

It is with this that I convey my sincerest apologies to whomever may feel the need to improve their own looks, as not only will advice on the matter lack a presence on this two-dimensional cube, but in it's place is a needlessly lengthy explanation for why one may be confused regarding the purpose of the rhombus in question.

All in all, I pray we can place this small altercation behind us and carry on to enjoy the remainder of time prior to our inevitable relapse to the snooze.
Best regards!

- Person of Stone

Edit: It has come to my attention that this quadrilateral morphs when introduced to alternative display ratios. I'm awfully sorry about that minor oversight and wish to assure you that it fulfills it's purpose quite well on both laptops and desktops. Any atrocities witnessed due to use of unmentioned devices is not intentional and your own personal tragedy.

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Thanks for watching!

Thanks :D
Also, I'd like to thank you, for making awesome stories for people to read!

Hey, welcome to the site! I'm flattered for your follow, given the great talent of the others you're watching.

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