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Activities for Neighsay! · 12:10am March 6th

The story "Neighsay", one of my most viewed stories is going to turn 1 this year! This is not an activity for anniversary, but so thing that Deco wants with her story. And that is to get others to create something out of the original story along with her. She mostly doesn't like being alone. :rainbowwild:. So, my decided activities are artworks, media, and stories.


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A NeighShadow story which is really not made by me (by skior)

A warm evening, the soft whisper of the flame from the lamp, the rustling pages of an old book with several silly equestrian tales for foals and a small draft that touch hooves. What could be better than such an evening?

Tempest lay on pillows, spread out on the floor, propping her book with her hooves, and reading lazily. Her gaze slowly moved from line to line, and then to the little funny illustrations. She was clearly not suitable for this literature by her age, but this didn't stop the mare from enjoying reading.
A soft clatter of hooves was heard from the kitchen. Tempest didn't turn to the noise, she only fliped the page and continued to look at the pictures. Here in the picture is a pony in a straw hat with tomatoes in a basket carries them somewhere, and here in the next picture the foals are happily driving a ball, and below is a pegasus with large wings pushes a thundercloud... And here is a kiss on the Tempest's forehead.

"Honey, what are you looking at so enthusiastically there?" said Neighsay with a kind smile. "Is this the very dusty book for foals that I wanted to donate to the library?"

Tempest raised her eyes to the stallion, the corners of her mouth slightly raised, but not a word came out of her mouth.

"Oh you, my little reader..." said the light gray unicorn, lying down next to the mare. "I brought you coffee. Just brewed, it is still hot yet. Go on, drink it. You should already be distracted from this misunderst... from this book. Even if it is very interesting to you". Neighsay brought a cup of coffee to the unicorn lady's face with magic, carefully removing the book from her hooves. Tempest noticed this, but didn't attempt to stop the stallion. Her eyes focused on the cup, from which came a pleasant aroma and a steam that is tickling nostrils.


"Yes, my moth?"

"Is it... a hot coffee?"

"Tooting. Just look at how the steam flows. And I added sugar. Everything, as you like, two spoons" Neighsay said proudly, resting his head on Tempest's front hooves and staring into her eyes.

"Dear, I like cold coffee"

Hearing this, the stallion looked down and a smile slowly descended from his face. He really wanted to please his beloved, but again forgot that their coffee tastes are completely different. He likes hot coffee with a little sugar and milk, and she likes cold sweet latte with a little cinnamon. And if you add cherry syrup to her coffee or put a cherry roll next to her hooves... Tempest would be so happy. What a pity that memories of this come after an unsuccessful surprise.

"I know that you wanted to make me happy" said Tempest, bringing a cup to her lips and taking a long sip from it. At that moment she made a thoughtful face, and then looked into Neighsay's eyes. "And I am very glad about that. This coffee is really tasty even though it isn't cold. After all, the main thing is that you made it for me, and that it was made with love".

Neighsay broke into a smile and lowered his ears. The stallion was glad, although he understood that it was unlikely that his lady really liked coffee and she said this only so as not to offend him. Tempest lowered her head and kissed Neighsay on the forehead, leaving a small coffee mark from her lips, which immediately made him blush. He isn't a young colt, however, with any manifestation of feelings, he blushes like a bright poppy. Neighsay sincerely wanted this moment to go on forever, and snuggle tightly to Tempest with his whole body.

"I love you, my moth"

"And I love you, my silly poppy petal"

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Aww, poor baby.

Take a rest, don't push yourself :3

Yep, got tired of trying to write thousands of words for my next chapter and idk why I'm staying up late at this time in my place 😪

Oi, I feel ya on that one 😪

Good! And tired at the same time 😅

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