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Doin' Pegasister Stuff 😉😏, In my home, Philippines.

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MLP Questions 101 with Decokelow

Have any questions?

1. What is your real name?
Zoe 😊

2. What is your nationality?

3. Country?
Philippines 🇵🇭

4. How many years old you are?
10 :3

5. When are you born?
December 9 2010

6. What age did you start watching MLP?
Around 6 or 7

7. What year did you start watching MLP?

8. Do you view mature stories?
Ofc...NOT (only their bios)

9. When did you joined FimFiction?
July 15 2021

10. What is your favorite story in FimFiction?
The Chancellor And The Wallflower

11. Who are/is your favorite brony/pegasister(s)?
Sawtooth Waves, Molimous, Velveagic Sentry and Galaxy Swirls

12. Who is your favorite Voice Actress in MLP?
Kazumi Evans

13. Favorite Actor in MLP?
Maurice LaMarche

14. Who is your favorite female character in MLP?
Pipp Petals

15. Favorite Male character in MLP?

16. Is there any actor/actress you know who has your blood at MLP?
Yes, her name is Vanessa Hudgens

17. Do you have any crush on the voice actors in MLP?
Yes, kinda, he is Ian Hanlin

18. Do you have a crush on one of the characters in MLP?
Yes, Chancellor Neighsay 👁👄👁

19. What ship did you like the least?
Starburst (Starlight Glimmer X Sunburst)

20. What ship did you like the most?
NeighShadow (Chancellor Neighsay X Tempest Shadow)

21. Who was your first follower?

22. What is your first story?
Space Between

23. If you have an element, what would it be?
Laughter, since I'm currently lacking of humor ;-;

24. Favorite guest in MLP?
Emily Blunt

25. Who is your favorite foal?
Pound Cake

26. What is your favorite season im MLP?
Season 8

27. If you live in Equestria, where would you be?
Canterlot, I wanna stick to modern life

28. Speaking of modern life, where would you be at the Modern Equestria (G5)?
Zephyr Heights

29. What is your favorite episode?
Friendship University :facehoof:

30. What is your favorite song in MLP?
Open Up Your Eyes

31. Who was the first pony you bought?
Rainbow Dash

32. Who was the first voice actor/actress you know?
Tara Strong

33. By the way, what gender are you?
A girl, duh!

34. What was the first episode you watched in the series?
Trade Ya!

35. Who is your favorite OC?

36. Have you been banned in Derpibooru?
Yes, Nov. 11 2021, I have to wait until my birthday , so to fix this, I made an account, and the link is in my profile.

37. Are you going to miss darkbroney666?
100% in a FimFiction-ers heart...

38. Who was the first MLP voice actor/actress you followed?
Caitlyn Bairstow, who doesn't like her :heart:?

39. What gets to your veins the most when it comes to MLP?
NeighShadow HATERS! :flutterrage::twilightangry2:

40. When are you going to forget about MLP?

41. If you were Twilight Sparkle, and you try to convince Neighsay to reopen your school?
I will do as Sprout says...
So the Earth ponies kicked their butts in an epic battle, and if they ever try to come back to Maretime Bay, we'll kick their butts again!

42. Who is your favorite voice actor/actress in the G5 movie?
Sofia Carson

43. What is the first contest you joined at FimFiction?
The G5 Bingo Writing Contest, but I quit.

44. What is the biggest "What if" question you've ever think of?
What if I am the youngest member to join FimFiction? 😱

45. If you had a cutie mark, what would it be?
A microphone, I wanna start my own podcast someday.

46. What's your favorite board game?
Chess, you can lay chess with me in the URL in my "About" section.

47. If you were to play chess, which MLP character would you like to play with?
Neighsay, this might be unusual but I think it's my perfect "match" ;)

48. When did you start to read FimFiction?
9 or something.

49. Do you make MLP vids?
Some, but get deleted after. I just made one.

50. When you first saw FimFiction, what did you think it was?
I thought FimFiction is a MLP website in where you post anything such as stories, fanarts, games, etc.

(51 more questions coming soon!)


I'm joining Derpibooru's 2022 Community Collab! · 5:33am Last Thursday

Hi guys so, the reason why I changed my avatar is that, that is my OC pony, and that's what i'm using for the Derpibooru's Community Collab!

Wanna join as well? Look below for the information of the collaboration

Post by Joey in Derpibooru

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Welcome to FIMfic! :pinkiehappy:

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