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Spiders Are Bae

Just someone who loves MLP, especially changelings with their versatiliy in terms of forms, hives, and all kinds of storytelling possibilities. And the pones are also nice i guess.

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MAH BOI, nearly all my stories have OCs in them. Psycho is my most prominent one.

It's not because you have an OC that they're bound to be a mary-sue. Still, when I have the time I'll take a ECH at the story to at least assuage those fears or confront them (Me know how put fancy letter together).

Well, i don't want to like, spoiler anything with this trilogy, but given it's about a oc, it probably has some unintentional Mary Sue aspects. Any kind of feedback i can get would help in avoiding these aspects in future stories, as well as help me in other areas as well.

I can always give some advice as I read through some of them. It took me seven years to arrive at an 'acceptable' point of writing, so I find it more interesting to help newer authors so they don't have to suffer such a lengthy time to improve.

It's mostly to do with the quality and pacing of the stories. I will try to improve as i write more but, ye, slow learner here.

And up to you if you want to expose that person to these stories. I can't promise 100% satisfaction thou. :trollestia:

Don't be dissuaded if you have low views and the like. You just started out. Also, I know someone who adores changelings so I could direct them to said story to read.

  • Viewing 8 - 12 of 12
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