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And so, many eons have passed... · 6:17pm Jul 6th, 2014

Greetings everyone.
I do not blame you if you have forgotten about me and my story.
I do not blame you if you dislike me for abandoning my story.
I do not blame you if you dislike my story altogether.

I have been gone from this site for over a year.
Please, allow me to explain my absence.
College. Above all else, I have put college ahead of my personal writing time. That being said, I had little time to put aside for the story.

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Work Delay! · 10:51pm Jul 7th, 2013

This one's gonna be short. My job has been keeping me very busy lately, so I have been having issues getting on as often as I usually do. However, I recently managed to get some time off soon so I'll be updating my story! Please continue to be so very patient; that is really all I can ask of you!

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Back in Action! · 11:01pm Jun 20th, 2013

Guess who's back?
Na na na.
Back again?
Na na na.
Lando's back!
Na na na.
Tell a friend!

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College/Hiatus! · 2:30am Mar 7th, 2013

Unfortunately, I have been buried under work for college and haven't had any time to work on or really think about the next chapter for Without Question. I really can't apologize enough to you guys. I will update as soon as I can, but since I have no idea how long I'll be busy, I have put the story on hiatus for the time being. Once again, I am so sorry and will do my best to repay my failure to you all. Have a lovely day and keep doing what you do!

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Delays! · 10:56pm Jan 9th, 2013

I apologize for the lack of Without Question updates! I have been rather busy lately and have been using my downtime for other things. Don't worry, though. I haven't forgotten about all of my fans and I will push to release a new chapter as soon as I can! Thank you all for your support and have a great day!

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Onwards! · 10:34pm Dec 10th, 2012

Ok, so I have good news that could also qualify as bad news. Weird, right? Anyway, listen to this. For those of you keeping up with my story, Without Question, this should interest you. Some of you may want the story to go on for quite a while longer. If that is indeed your desire, then it may come to fruition. I have gotten a flood of fresh, new ideas for the story. These new ideas are guaranteed to satisfy those of you who have, for so very long, craved more character

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Delays & Ideas · 6:08am Nov 13th, 2012

Sorry for the lack of updates, everyone. I've been having the same issue as last time. Not only have I been uber-busy with college, I've also been lacking in the inspiration department. HOWEVER...after reading many of the epic fics on this site...I am slowly regaining my inspiration. I have new ideas and whatnot that I would love to implement into Without Question. The story is, sadly, slowly coming to a close. There will be a few more chapters, but I don't want to drag the

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One thousand... · 5:01am Sep 23rd, 2012

It has come to my attention that my fic has finally done what I had initially deemed improbable...
It has reached a thousand views...

*pops on party hat and swings noisemaker*

You guys seriously don't know how much that means to me. As busy as I've been, I will push myself harder to complete Without Question as soon as possible! Thank you for reading my tale and taking time out of your day to tell me your thoughts on it.


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Apologies! · 3:19am Sep 19th, 2012

Sorry for the month-long delay, everyone! I had to redirect my attention to my schoolwork and I even felt a bit apathetic about finishing "Without Question".

*collective gasp*

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Back in the Saddle · 9:37pm Aug 16th, 2012

That's right! I'm back! I finally managed to get completely settled in. That means I can get back to writing stories :D Sorta. I'll still be quite busy with classes and whatnot, so updates will be slower, but there will be actual updates now! I will continue to do my best to satisfy and entertain my fans. Thanks again for being my audience and I hope you enjoy the newest chapter of Without Question!

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