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Hi. I mostly write human in euquestria fics. Even though there are many out there I really like them. I love mlp and I'm a sworn borny.

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One day I woke up as surprise. Well this should be interesting. I thought I would have a nice day playing some Xbox or swimming in the pool but I get something else. I swear I Claus will help defeat whatever is doing this to people!

This is in the pony earthverse


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Pogey finally learns the sickening truth and decides to confront Princess Celestia. To confront her Pogey must travel through Ponyville,through the Everfree forest and to Canterlot to stop the madness.

Story is based off


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In the year 1942 earth is Embroiled in WW2. Celestia had found out about the state of the world,so she sent one of each elements of harmony to earth to teach humans about friendship.
Pinkie Pie is sent to the United Kingdom

Twilight is sent to the Soviet Union

Applejack is sent to the United states

Fluttershy is sent to Japan

Rainbow Dash is sent to Nazi Germany

Rarity is sent to Italy.

What is to happen?

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