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This story is a sequel to Phoenix Magic: Equestria Girls

It time for the Musical Showcase at CHS. A trio of teenage girls have just enrolled, and there's more to them then meets the eyes. Can the Rainbooms put a stop whatever plots are in motion? Let's find out

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This story is a sequel to Phoenix Magic

Newly crowned Princess Twilight Sparkle's crown is stolen by a mysterious pony. She must venture into an unknown world to retrieve it, while also looking for Princess Celestia's previous student before her, Sunset Shimmer

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What if Starlight wasn't the only pony to have a friendship lesson in the Crystal Empire? What if this pony didn't go as a pony? It's time for a long overdue reunion between teacher and student

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What if Sunset Shimmer was not born a pony? What if she was more special then she thought? More importantly, what if there was more to the world beyond the mirror portal than first thought?

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