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The Three Musketankers

Prone to changing my Icon and Name: Last Icon and Name was A4-E Skyhawk. (A crew of three men calls themselves "The Three Musketankers". Known for destroying over 30 or more enemy vehicles.)

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A short story depicting the attack on the Capital of Equestria where American Gunships come from mysterious circumstances and assist the ponies from the Storm Kings Army.

The helicopters described are from the Vietnam War. The year from Earth is 1968. Just to clarify that this is not an alternate universe of Vietnam.

Edit: Forgot to include this ---> (Oneshot)

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(Fiji is a fictional character and is in no way any real person known as the best Zeus on Arma.)

Welcome! This story is about the aftermath of Sombra taking over the world and where a human that turned into a pony is going to help reunite the Equestrian Empire. Who will win, Some guy with the abilities to spawn in modern military equipment and ponies with guns? Or some king that has a military that uses spears, swords, cannons, and dark magic?

Fiji is a 22-year-old man. He currently lives in Chicago. Unemployed he hates his life and loves to play Arma. He also has a sister that watches MLP. He lives in the basement cause why not?

(Human turned pony story, yayyyy)

Author Notes: Criticism is allowed here, even if it's heavy. I have a few grammar problems here and there, just point it out and I'll fix it! Hope you enjoy the story!

Chapters (1)