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A One-Shot Story.

A Short story describing American Vietnam Era Jets/monoplane assisting ponies from a Griffon attack that would have possibly ended in a Griffon victory if American aircraft had not arrived in time for a showdown.

This is a story that was created by the author who made Unexpected Assistance

Main aircraft described in this story:

2x F-105 Thunderchiefs (F-105 will not be going to Equestria)

2x A4-E Skyhawks

1x A-1H Skyraider

2x F-4E Phantoms

1x B-57 Canberra

Chapters (1)

A short story depicting the attack on the Capital of Equestria where American Gunships come from mysterious circumstances and assist the ponies from the Storm Kings Army.

The helicopters described are from the Vietnam War. The year from Earth is 1968. Just to clarify that this is not an alternate universe of Vietnam.

Edit: Forgot to include this ---> (Oneshot)

Chapters (1)