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(League of Legends crossover)

Twilight has been having a rough time. New as a princess, she deals with the pro's, and of course, the cons.
Pro: She gets to meet lots of new ponies!
Con: She is away from here friends.
Pro: Lots of ponies care, and love her.
Con: Somethings want her dead, so that they can have her soul.
Pro: She always have somepony watching her.
Con: Sometimes, it's not a pony.

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(Tribes Ascend crossover)

Due to a mishap in the base of Diamond Sword, Pathfinder is stuck in Equestria! How will he return? Does he want to return? How many times will he race Rainbow?! Find out, in the story, that is; My Little [VGW] WOOHOO: Friendship is [VGS] SHAZBOT!

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