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Hi, I realy like the world of MLP, it allows me to get away from it all. I am delighted to have discovered Fimfiction.net. I also specify that I am French which could cause a bad English : I am sorry.

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Hello PsychicKid,

I haven't finished Magisight yet, but I must tell you that your story is very pleasant to read. Really. So naturally, Magisight is one of my favorite stories.

Ps: I'm glad to know that a sequel is likely to come next year ^^

Hello again! Thanks for reading, and faving, Magisight! I'm really glad that you enjoyed it, and I'm hoping to get the sequel released sometime next year. :twilightsmile:

Hello. You are welcome. Magisight is just one of the next stories I want to read (partly because I really like the summary ; partly because it's complete). But first I have to finish the 4 stories I'm currently reading (at least 3 because otherwise I might forget some details).

Thanks for adding my stories to your Read It Later! I hope you enjoy them should you ever check them out. If you like adventure and magic, then you will definitely enjoy Magisight! :twilightsmile:

Thank you ; yes, cats go great with Halloween ^^

I found this image on Zedge and you can also find it on Pinterest (as well as some other equally cute images).

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