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Just your average, proudly-nerdy young adult. Space, ponies, space-ponies... It's all good.


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  • TBeneath Distant Stars
    A distant civilization of ponies, removed from Equus millennia ago, send an expedition to their ancestral home to solve the mystery of its strange orbit. They bring a foreign mindset and powerful, conflicting interests to the peaceful world.
    PeppyJoe · 31k words  ·  87  0 · 1.3k views
  • TAnother Mare's Sky
    As a joke during his original rule, Discord sent a group of ponies to a distant, inhospitable planet and left them alone. Thousands of years later, their descendants notice a star in their sky orbiting inexplicably around its planet.
    PeppyJoe · 9k words  ·  70  0 · 1.1k views
  • TAgents of F.R.I.E.N.D.
    In the wake of Tirek's return, the Equestrian nobility faces the reality that the nation's security hinges on the power of six mares. They charter a secret organization to defend Equestria from that which threatens it, by any means necessary.
    PeppyJoe · 28k words  ·  29  3 · 879 views