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I'm a six course meal, you're just burnt toast. Writing porn that normal people won't.

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Thank you for faving "Blaze the Pony Tale" :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the follow! :yay:

Hey, thanks for the watch.

It happends to all of us sometime, don't worry

Ugh. Sorry, dunno why I'm such a bitch today (apart from being a female wolf in general). Probably the broken rib.

Some people prefer to introduce themselves with, "Hi. I'm NameGoesHere, and I like reading your stories, especially (example)." :trollestia:

(I mean, "hay stranger write me a bunch of free words about muzzles slurping horsebutt," works too, don't get me wrong. It saves a few seconds of valuable typing time, at least.)

You make a compelling point.

Writing porn that normal people won't.

To be fair, porn based on ponies easily qualifies for something normal people wouldn't write. (Actually, any porn at all probably does, too!) :derpytongue2:

No, no requests of any kind. My brain has too many of its own.

Do you take facesitting story requests

.... okay... Happy badfic hunting! :twilightsheepish: (Because I'm hunt them too)

I don't bite (usually).

Now I'm scare of you.

What an idiott.

Ah, the best part:

He deleted and resubmitted it (in violation of the rules) and now it's getting destroyed. 2/18 and dropping.

Good onnya, mate. Smooth move.

I noticed that the user who wrote that Perfect Chaos story has deleted the comments that aren't ass-kissing and blocked people who pointed out problems.

Nice to see that author is a baby who can't take constructive criticism.

Are you a badfic hunter?

  • Viewing 3 - 22 of 22
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