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Season 3 Fanfictions · 10:26pm Nov 12th, 2012

It's interesting to say the least. Keeping a mental tally of all the fanfictions based on events from S3 shows a strange pattern. A lot of stuff about king Sombra but very little on the empire and its subordinates...I would have thought this would have been the base for a lot of good work. Maybe it is...maybe i'll write something on it...maybe i'll just stay at home watching more ponies and playing Eve Online...only the future knows...


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Just a little bit about me :D

Highly interested in the work that people produce on here and wanted to make an account to share my thoughts. ^^
Called me sick and twisted but I do prefer slightly dark and sad fics as oppose to others. As this is a good place to indulge my dark appetite with some interesting and lovable characters that I know :)

(IE, this stuff is easier to read than any books that I might pick up in a shop for example)

Im very happy to write reviews on story's/fics, whatever you happen to make :D
I also try and pick out the little bits that might help you improve your skills.
I cannot write creatively that well myself, but I can 'nit pick' bits and review things in detail.
So if your looking for someone who can give you solid feedback, I'm your guy. ( However I'm not saying other people cannot do this themselves however)

PS: Twlight light is my favorite pony :3 but don't ask me who is the best because il throw cup cakes at you. (yes *those* cup cakes. You have been warned)

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620585 How Could I not? Its awesome! Looking forward to seeing what you throw in next! :pinkiehappy:

thanks for faving AGiE

That would be awesome.:rainbowkiss:

352967 It was no trouble bud :D I really liked the opening and the mixes you have incorporated :3 Il have a smash thought your other stuff when I have finished reading this one :P :twilightsmile:

Thank you so much for favoriting Equestrian Earth!:rainbowwild:
That really means a lot!
Be sure to check out my other stories for more awesome reads like Blowing Through the Pages! (If you want to.)

  • Viewing 26 - 30 of 30
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