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The war is over. The Autobots won, and the Decepticons lost.

But that is not to say that all of the Decepticons were killed or captured. Many have escaped to the stars, Megatron among them. Optimus Prime captains but one of many ships that search known space for these escaped war criminals.

One day, Optimus caught up with Megatron. There was a battle, a space bridge accident, and now both leaders and their followers are in a strange place called Equestria. Optimus Prime easily befriends Princess Celestia and the ponies, but conspiracies from all factions threaten this alliance.

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Dashie finds an unreleased my little pony virtual reality simulator, and decides to do a few episodes about it. But then things get a little too personal to be just a game.

This story is just an excuse to see Dashie wreak havoc in Equestria.

Watch his hilarious videos at DashieXP and DashieGames.

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One unlucky young woman from Earth finds herself in one of those bizarre alternate universes of MLP FIM where humans are villainous predators on par with wolves and velociraptors.

Her superior intelligence to the native humans and average skill in wrestling and martial arts convinces everypony that she's a super dangerous badass that wants to eat them for breakfast, when really she's just a harmless joker that means well. The language barrier does not help her case.

Our heroine is well aware of just how stupid her situation is, but she deals with it because adapting to the stupid is one of humanity's finest traits.

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A Displaced Story.

For 3,000 years, I terrorized ponykind. From before Hearth's Warming Eve, to the present day of the show itself, to a thousand years into Equestria's future. After my third and final defeat, I found myself back on Earth, none the worse for wear.

But why did I do it all? I... I honestly don't know what to say. Yes I caused so much death and suffering, but they were only cartoons, right? They weren't real, so it didn't matter, right? I shouldn't have to justify my actions! It was all fake! I shouldn't feel guilty! I am guilty of nothing!

God please forgive my soul.

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So a human is in Equestria and is turned into a unicorn. Yadda yadda, we've seen this premise a few thousand times.

But what if he went into Equestria's entertainment business and became a movie director? What if the movies he made were adaptations of his favorite movies and stories back on Earth? How would ponies and other races react to human stories that are morally complex, dark, and terrifying?

I take requests. If there's a certain movie you want the ponies to react to, just post in the comments.

*Featured 6/5/2016*

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A remake of the original and highly controversial Conversion Bureau story by Blaze. Our main protagonists are two Newfoals named Ethan and Barry who have conflicted feelings about whether or not they regret turning into ponies. The Conversion Bureau itself is simply a cultural exchange. Celestia is not hell bent on conquering Earth. Our villains are the HLF and the PER. Humans make it clear that they are in charge, not the ponies.

Set in the Reconstructed Universe. TCB is an inherently ridiculous idea, so expect lots of comedy and lampshade hanging.

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All was lost. Disharmony was on the verge of victory, when Fluttershy gave her life to ensure the defeat of the forces of evil. This document chronicles what happened on that fateful day.

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Meet X Team: six OC SPARTAN-II super soldiers from a FANON version of the Halo universe. When a slipspace accident sends the SPARTANS to Equestria, they have to find a way to get back home.

There's just two catches.

First: They can get home. All they need is the time to repair their ship.

Second: Through a series of misundersandings, the ponies perceive the SPARTANS as threats, and they don't intend to leave them alone.

What could possibly go wrong?

*Featured 12/4/2013*

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