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After the events of Transformers: Age of Extinction, Optimus Prime takes to the stars to confront the great creators of his very race. Among these planets he had passed, he noticed that many of them were seeded like Earth was. One of these planets was Equestria, and the Ponies there find out that there are more to their own lives, and themselves, than they could ever have known.

Collab by both Myself and LoneShadow.

The Sex and gore tags are there mainly for the dialogue done, and IF said events even happen.

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The thousandth summer sun celebration. Everypony knows what happened on that day. Nightmare Moon was defeated and Princess Luna was brought back. But what if things had turned out differently? What if Nightmare defeated the Elements, and Celestia went into hiding? This is what if Nightmare had won on her second attempt, and actually helped ponies.

a Collab with LoneShadow

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"Equis was once ruled by the royal pony sisters, working in Harmony to govern the ponies and manage the sky. That is, until Nightmare Moon had come. She was defeated and banished to the moon the first time, defeated by the Elements a second time. Now, four years after her second defeat, she has returned yet again, the means unknown. But this does not cause panic. What does is that Luna has disappeared, and a new rebellion group calling them the 'New Lunar Republic' has risen. Can Celestia and the Elements defeat Nightmare, the NLR and find Luna? Or will the Moon reign eternal? These events are unconnected.....or are they?
Co-lab with LoneShadow

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Red is a Saiyan who has the power to control Fire, when this was discovered he was forced to leave the planet, and after visiting Earth for a short time for more training, he lands on a new planet and wonders if this planet would be good for him, that planet he lands on: Equestria.

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