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Can ANYONE Help me please?! · 7:26pm Nov 26th, 2017

if anyone reading this is well versed in the stuff going on with Discord, please talk to me. it's working fine on my phone, and yet whenever I try to send messages on my computer, it acts like it's lagging and it doesn't even show replies appearing on the computer, whilst my phone WILL! I don't know what's going on. I mean. I attempted to check for updates but now it's messed up. and I don't know how to fix it.

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Why sometimes I wish I was dead. · 9:15pm Jul 6th, 2017

Cause I'm a failure. I'm the biggest failure you're ever gonna meet other than certain other people...why? few reasons.

1: I have no job, i'm about 24 right now, and I live with my parents.

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The Fate of Cyberquestria · 4:56pm Jul 1st, 2017

Okay...I realize my stories suck but after seeing Transformers The Last Knight, i'm inspired a bit to try and work on this sorta story again. effective immediately the old Cyberquestria is cancelled, Chances are, I'm going to completely erase it, And try to work on a brand New version of it that would likely work MUCH better for a variety of reasons. if anyone wants me to keep this old version of...then let me know now.

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BREATH OF THE WILD!!! · 7:53pm Mar 3rd, 2017

*Standing tall with a traveler's Sword, a wooden shield, Hylian Trousers and boots, with No shirt on, a traveler's bow on his back as well, and a Wolf companion by his side.* ADVENTURE HOOOOOO!!!

HAhahahahahaaaaa~ oh this game is amazing.

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Applejack's Hat · 7:31pm Sep 26th, 2015

Applejack's hat, is JUST A HAT. it's nothing really that special. really, it's not. all it is, is just a hat.

to add to my argument that the hat Rarity throws away is, well, JUST A HAT...in the Hot TOpic 'hot Minute' segment with Applejack, the question came up of 'where did the hat come from' AJ's Response? She won it at a fair for apple bobbing. thus, IT IS MEANINGLESS.

to further prove what I say, here is that Hot Minute segment.

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FINAL FANTASY VII · 9:05pm Apr 20th, 2015

Yeah. I'm way late on doing this...a good while back, I have picked up Final Fantasy 7, on the Playstation Network store. it's downloaded onto my PS3, and has been for a good little while now. As such, I'm going to try and make it a bit special for me when I actually begin to play it, hopefully later this year...
By play it, I mean actually making it past just a few minutes. Now then....

Cloud will be renamed Red, since Cloud is basically ME....more or less anyway...

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ASK. ME. ANYTHING! · 5:24am Mar 7th, 2015

I'm bored as shock. so anypony who follows me, or my cancelled story, ASK ME ANYTHING!!! I do want to answer them! and this can be both In character as Red, or me personally...though more often or not this will be in character so Go on guys! ask away! It can be anything including things like favorite movies, favorite video games, TV shows, Whatever!

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Region: Termina · 9:38pm Jan 31st, 2015


a rather condensed land, separated into around 5 main lands. one in the center, and one in the four compass directions.
Clock town in the center
Woodfall to the south
Great Bay to the West
Ikana Valley to the East
Snowhead mountain to the North.

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Weapons of Power Part 3 (Halloween Special!) · 6:57pm Oct 24th, 2014

(Part 3? where's part 2?! Right Here.)

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Folklore: The Maneiac · 6:17pm Mar 10th, 2014

The Lovely Maneiac, when she was still just a comic book villain
Ah the beautiful maneiac. the former main villain of the popular comic book series The Power Ponies.

Her Debut issue

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