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Licorice Twist

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We've been together through good times and bad
You've always been there for me
I'll always treasure the best friends I have

Fluttershy has lived a nice, long life in Ponyville caring for animals, and her friends. She has grown old and watched as her friends passed on, until she was the last one left. Fluttershy heads to the cemetery to visit her friends and remember the past.

This was an idea posted by Church in his ideas group, thanks for letting me take it!

(Lyrics from "Only A Memory A Way" as it's rather fitting)

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This is the story of Licorice Twist, a Pegacorn from Fillydelphia who found his place in Canterlot's Royal Guard. Born to Fillydelphias' candy makers, Taffy Twist, a male Unicorn,and Mint Twist, a female Pegasus, he ended up being born with a rarely seen mutation, causing him to be born with both a horn and wings. He knew candy-making wasn't for him, however, and soon sought out to find his destiny as a fighter, specializing in wing blades. He made his way to Canterlot and trained hard, making it into the Royal Guard.

His story begins after the Changelings tried to take over Canterlot.

Edit: Thanks to Aurora Dimmet and Dr. Fumbles for the suggestion of and their views and differences of Pegacorn vs. an Alicorn, as a Pegacorn works much better for my vision. Initial changes are being made, so please bare with me! Thank you. ^.^

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Applejack and Rainbow Dash head into the Everfree forest to visit Zecora. They get sidetracked along the way and end up deeper in the forest, taking a wrong turn into Timberwolf territory.

I'm trying something new and writing this in Applejack's voice/P.O.V...so...apologies if it comes out wonky. I'm not used to doing first-person types of fiction.

Semi inspired by this pic here: http://johnjoseco.deviantart.com/art/Protecting-the-Ones-You-Love-202452478 but the author hasn't responded to my inquiry about using it as a thumbnail, so I'm not. ^.^

Also, Gore tag is gone after some thought, since the attacks aren't really gore-ish. I'm leaving it Mature just to be safe, though.

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This is a fanfic interspersed with the lyrics of "Rainy Day Man" from Sailor Moon to show the growing relationship between Applejack and Rainbow Dash. Applejack is the faithful, loyal best friend who is always Rainbow Dash's shoulder, there through thick and thin no matter what. And throughout, the two begin to realize their feelings for one another. This is my first ponyfic, so I hope you enjoy it. :)

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